Wash Day Set

great value set

Get all of your washing day essentials for the price of one!

wash days are busy days

whether ironing clothes on the ironing board or hanging them to dry on the rotary washing line, there will always be a job that needs seeing too!

a taste of adult life

this wash day set allows for realistic roleplay, letting little ones complete “adult” tasks.

Run the most efficient laundry business in town with help from this toy Wash Day Set! This set has everything your Little Helper needs to dry and iron clothes, leaving them both smelling and looking fresh. Whether organising their dolls’ clothes or helping out with the adults’ washing loads, this set will bring a sense of accomplishment in no time.

It’ll be hard to find a washing and ironing set as good of a value as this one. Gone are the days of shopping for all the essentials and accessories separately; now, your little ones can dry clothes freely and iron out those creases without the added faff! With clothes pegs, hangers and a laundry basket included, this set truly spoils you! Your little ones dolls’ will look as good as new in no time.

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