Post Office

more than just a post box

this toy post office comes with several accessories to provide an authentic post office experience.

plenty to explore

weigh parcels, stamp envelopes, count money and fill out forms - there’s plenty to do as a post office shopkeeper!

encourages exploration

With so many features to play with, plenty of skills are waiting to be explored.

who has time for long post office queues? not us! thanks to this post office set, you'll enjoy nothing but a speedy first-class experience, time and time again!

little shoppers can now get hands-on experience with life as a post office clerk, filing and processing orders for their customers as efficiently as possible. equipped with everything needed for a tip-top service, your little one will soon be running the best post office in town!

this post office counter is stacked with features to enhance realistic play, including working scales, envelope stampers, play money and magazines. whatever a post office could possibly need, this toy has! and, of course, there is even a post box for once orders have been processed. we weren't joking when we said you could expect a first-class service!

whether playing as a customer or working a shift behind the till, hours of fun and imaginative play await with this post office setup. your little one might even start to spark curiosity for potential future career opportunities!

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