Baby Huggles Car Boosterseat (Grey)

Casdon’s Baby Huggles Grey Car Booster Seat for dolls enables dolly to come everywhere with you! Dolly is kept perfectly safe and secure by a 3 part harness with hand shaped buckles that secure to the cars seat belts. This uniquely styled toy booster seat can promote car safety and will quickly become the toy that never leaves your child’s side. Dolls deserve it!

Suitable for dolls up to 46 cm. Suitable for ages 3+

"You and I both know that childcare is a full time job. So, now that your little one has a doll in their life, it’s time to show them the ropes! This Car Booster Seat for dolls makes caring on-the-go a piece of cake, allowing your little one to truly experience life as a full time carer!

This Car Booster Seat has been designed to look like the real thing; the only difference is that it’s much, much smaller! Featuring Huggle hand buckles for security, an adjustable headrest for comfort and a rainbow design, your little one’s doll will be as good as gold while travelling.

Dolly role play just got a whole lot more exciting thanks to this car booster seat, bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor play. It’s time to take your doll on some fun adventures! "

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