Coffee to Go

Your busy little bees can now enjoy a warm cuppa in their very own takeaway cup

Whether in a rush to get to the park or caring for their own dolls, it's super quick to fill the coffee maker up with (real!) water and brew a coffee to go!

Fills with real water

The coffee maker can be filled with water, adding to the realism of playtime.

Fancy a bite to eat?

While sipping on coffee, enjoy a bite from the toy muffin or croissant!

Whether embarking on an adventure with friends or helping the grown-ups run errands, nothing will kickstart your little one's busy day more than a coffee to go! This set is perfect for even the busiest of bees, making it possible to brew a warm cuppa and grab a sweet treat in a matter of seconds.

To make a deliciously warm brew, fill the coffee maker up with (real!) water and pour it into the takeaway cups. For those with a sweet tooth, add a little dash of sugar with help from the sugar shaker! And, if that doesn't satisfy cravings, why not grab a muffin or croissant, too? Even the most productive little legs need a full tummy!

This Coffee To Go set will work seamlessly in any kitchen, real or imaginary, allowing little ones to get their morning fix just like the grown-ups do. We'll take a coffee and croissant, please!

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