Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot

Designed to look and work just like real Joseph Joseph products.

Featuring the famous ChopPop™ technology to prevent any mishaps!

The board bends just like the real Chop2Pot, making it easy to transport food from pot to pan!

The four pieces of play food are actually choppable, using unique ChopPop™ technology with no velcro or magnets in sight!

Includes Chop2Pot cutting mat, Elevate knife, choppable onion, tomato, carrot & potato play food.

Prepping healthy meals has never been easier thanks to the Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot! Little chefs can now set up their own station in the kitchen and put their culinary skills to good use, chopping and cooking tasty vegetables for family, friends and teddies. The play food actually chops up into oh-so-satisfying slices, making playtime feel all the more real!

In true Joseph Joseph style, this Chop2Pot set is both safe and convenient - it even folds up just like the real thing to make putting food in the pan easy! This means that any kitchen, real or imaginary, will make good use of having such a nifty set in reach.

Whether cooking a delicious vegetable soup or experimenting with new flavours, a whole realm of excitement and endless ways to play awaits! Super safe Elevate knife also included.

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